About Sgt. Ken Morris

Sergeant Ken Morris is seeking your support for the Republican nomination for Monroe County Sheriff in the 2019 election. Please check out our Facebook link below by clicking on the Facebook icon

Mission Statement

Sergeant Ken Morris’ mission is to continue upholding the traditions and duties of the sheriff while moving forward in a progressive direction.
He is presently performing all of the duties of the Sheriff’s Office and is committed to moving the office forward by maintaining the community’s best interest at heart and leading with integrity and experience to get the job done.

“Community, Integrity, Experience”


Sergeant Ken Morris, a native of Monroe County and graduate from Pocono Mountain High School, is seeking your support for the Office of Sheriff of Monroe County. Sergeant Morris has lived in Monroe County for thirty-two years developing strong roots in this area. His fiancé, Cathy, is a thirty-three year native of Monroe County and has been a source of support for Ken during every significant transition in Ken’s life.

Sergeant Morris has dedicated half of his life to protecting and serving our community and country as a whole. Our prospective Sheriff is presently appointed as Sergeant and works directly under our current Sheriff, Todd A. Martin. He began his professional career by serving in the United States Marine Corps as Sergeant (MOS 3051) from 2002 until 2007.

He continued his career by graduating from the Allentown Police Academy in 2009 where he obtained his Act 120 Certification.

In 2011, he was hired by Sheriff Todd A. Martin as Deputy Sheriff. He went on to obtain the Act 2 Certification through the Pennsylvania Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff Training Program at Penn State University. In addition to this position, he became the TASER and Pepper Spray Instructor. During this time, Sergeant Morris had gained the knowledge and experience in grant funding and worked with Monroe County Commissioners on obtaining necessary equipment for the department.

In 2016, he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff/Corporal/ Field Training Officer, where he became responsible for hiring and training new deputies as well as providing ongoing training for the entire department.

After several years of service, he continued to work his way through the ranks and was promoted by Sheriff Martin to his current position as Sergeant. As Sergeant, his duties and responsibilities are an essential part of the day-to-day functioning of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Courthouse.

Over the years, Sergeant Ken Morris has gained an extensive knowledge in all aspects of the job. He has demonstrated the necessary leadership and decision-making skills that are crucial in order to hold the elected Office of Sheriff. Ken is committed to continue the mission of Sheriff Todd A. Martin and those who have served before him.


Q: Can anyone become a Sheriff?

A: No, not just anyone is able to become a Sheriff. The law requires that a person must successfully complete the physical and educational requirements set forth by the Sheriff’s Academy and become Act 2 certified.

Q: Are all of the current candidates running for the Office of Sheriff of Monroe County, presently Act 2 certified to become a Sheriff?

A: No, they are not. The only candidate that is presently Act 2 certified to become a Sheriff is Sergeant Ken Morris.

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